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     F.A.S.T Class Cancellation/Refund Policy


Firearms and Safety Training Inc. (F.A.S.T.) classes have limited spaces. It is our goal to provide a good instructor to student ratio in order to provide the best training possible.

Sometimes weather, illness or other life events will require us to have to cancel a class. If F.A.S.T. cancels a class, the student will have the option to receive a full refund or to apply the full payment to a future class. The credit must be used within 6 months of the cancellation date or the funds will be forfeited. If the option to apply a credit to a future class is taken and the student later changes his/her mind, the credit will be forfeited.

1.      Cancellations within 24 hours of registration receive a full refund, minus the stripe processing fee, or the full amount can be applied to a future class, provided space is available.

2.       Cancellations within 10 days of the scheduled class date are subject to credit only.

3.       Students can reschedule for a future class, provided space is available

4.       A no call / no show to a course will result in forfeiture of payment/no refunds or credit will be given.

5.       F.A.S.T. reserves the right to decline refunds to students who, in its sole discretion, abuse the cancel/reschedule system.

6.       After the class date there will be absolutely no refunds for any reason.

    Please Note the Above Policy Applies regardless of when you Register.

Our FFL Transfer Pricing and Policy


Handguns     $45 

Long Guns    $35

  Ammunition   $15   

Expired 4473  $10    

(Firearms not picked up within 30 days will require a new 4473 check be ran

You will be charged an additional $10 for expired 4473's over 30 days)

Receivers/Frames $35 (we do not accept completed lower receivers)

Military/LEO/Fire Discount $25 per item for all transfers

We only do transfers for US Citizens


Firearms and Safety Training reserves the right to refuse any firearm transfer or sale for any reason

Transferee must be years old to obtain a long gun, receiver or ammunition

Transferee must be 21 years old years old and possess a valid NYS Pistol Permit or LE credentials to obtain a handgun

Before purchasing a firearm online, please contact us with your name, phone number, email address, item being transferred order/invoice number and the FFL its coming from and their email address

Firearms that are sent to us from gunsmithing work or manufacturer warranty work will still be subject to a NICS 4473 Background check and applicable fees

We will have to make any firearm NYS compliant before the transfer is completed at the transferee’s expense unless you are a designated LE Officer/Peace Officer

Any firearm that is not compliant with the NYS S.A.F.E Act and we are unable to make it compliant the transferee will be responsible for the transfer fees and return shipping costs

Magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds that cannot be made compliant by F.A.S.T. WNY at an additional charge to the purchaser, will be forfeited to F.A.S.T. WNY unless they are a designated LE officer/Peace Officer

If the purchaser does not pass the NICS check, they are still responsible for the processing fee, and the return cost

We will only accept transfers from FFL Dealer with proof of valid license.

No NICS check will be performed for any reason other than Firearms Sales/Transfer


All firearms sold by F.A.S.T. WNY carry the manufacturer’s warranty. F.A.S.T WNY is not a warranty/repair station

If you order without confirming acceptance by us prior, you will be responsible for return shipping costs and transfer fees even it is not accepted.

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